How Red101® works for your customers...

From easy to use mobile apps to accessing a digital payments ecosystem, with Red101® your customers entire experience is fully digitalised and taken online. 

You can see some of the core features and functions below.

Take your stock fully online with an e-store

Let your customers instantly connect with you, browse products, and place orders for stock with an easy-to-use mobile app and dedicated webstore. 

Digitize their entire process of signing up, searching for, and paying for goods with our simple, user-friendly solution.  

Boosted sales with targeted promotions

Whether they are using the mobile app or browsing the web store, your customers can be targeted with various types of promotions from push notifications alerting to a new product, to a banner promoting a discount. 

Give your customers multiple digital payment options

Connect your customers to a digital payment ecosystem and enable them to buy with their preferred payment method. 

You can also make use of RedPay™, our integrated digital payment solution which allows for instant reconciliations.